Blue Note for a blue company

I just spent a very happy week or so digging deep in my local music emporiums researching a piece on the combination of art and sound that is Blue Note records for Amex Expressions magazine. As this topic is close to my heart the project was its own reward but in the weeks since I […]

Fresh Alternative Movie Poster

It’s been a while in the making but just finished a new ‘AMP’ for one of my favourite films, or more accurately, scripts. Quatermass and the Pit was written by Nigel Kneale and filmed by the BBC in 1958/59 as a TV serial but then reworked by Kneale himself for the Hammer studio in 1967. […]

Key art for Sky Sports

If you were in Germany over Christmas you will probably have seen the advertising for Sky Sports around somewhere. They are quite well known. Anyways, I was recently working within their in-house studio in Munich working on key art for their winter campaign. The artworks produced covered all the sports they feature (Football, Golf, Tennis, Formula 1, Ice […]

Riding the Concrete – Book Review

Arriving like a solid slab of Brutalism, Long Live Southbank is a celebration of 40 years of skateboarding in the undercroft of London’s Southbank. The book was created by the organisation of that name (LLSB), which in 2013 started a successful community action to save the recreation area beneath the Queen Elizabeth Hall from unsympathetic […]