Own-brand website celebrating the visual culture of cinema through exclusive interviews with the creatives responsible.

I am something of an enthusiast for movies of all descriptions butit’s fair to say that I tend to enjoy the visual stylings the most. These could be internal and include production design elements, title sequences, editing technique, costume, lighting, etc but extend to the external elements of posters, foyer standees, tie-in merchandise et al.

Since undertaking my Master’s degree I started critical writing on topics in and around visual culture, a large amount being about cinema. I have also enjoyed servicing the entertainment industry on occasion in my own creative work. As a result of the research process for both these channels I amassed a lot of material that I slowly came to the realisation would most probably be unlikely to ever see the light of day.

I thought that this would be a shame so I took the proverbial bull by the horns and stepped into self-publishing. I have kept the concept simple, I present a full interview with a creative along with some images of their work plus a small piece of critical writing from myself to provide some background to the topic and justify why I think it is worth talking about.

As it is a side project I tend to produce material when I feel the need, rather than feel pressured into developing articles for the sake of it. As such I have been able to keep the quality high and focus on talking to leading artists involved with some of the most influential IPs in film and television.