Twin Peaks (Sky Ticket)


IP themed e-advertising for Sky Ticket, the German-speaking
market of VOD service of Sky Germany

I was brought in on a long-term basis to devise an e-marketing visual mechanic for use across desktop and mobile. Whilst a lot of fun, the challenge has been to merge the visual identities of the singular IPs with the Sky Ticket branding to create distinctive work that balanced the equity
of both brands.

Twin Peaks Season 3

One of the highlights of the campaign work was the chance to collaborate with Showtime on a suite of animated banners for the final season of the seminal TV show. Distribution was across mass audience catchment sites such as YouTube, and Bild, which then led to a bespoke landing page.

As an extreme enthusiast for the show I wanted my solution to give other fans something to identify with but without being too inside for a mainstream audience. My concept utilised the famous portrait of Laura Palmer with two other icons of the show, the Red Room floor, and an owl.

In the event, my approach was proven to be spot-on as the work heavily reflected the new title sequence.