Digital sales app with a humanist touch (white label*)

The tool was created for a client creating content marketing specifically designed for the luxury market. The brief called for a distinctive, enigmatic but non-specific sales tool for reps engaging a variety of clients from different industries within the luxury sector.

Inspired by the fact that the tool was intended to be largely used as a projection, my solution was to base the whole concept on the idea of light and the colour spectrum. This allowed me to develop the UX by splitting the desired content into sections aligning with different colours.

I wanted the styling to have an expressive and nebulous mood. In this,
I was influenced by the work of James Turrell. I engineered my take on the reflective mood exhibited in his work by continuing the light theme through the creation of my own abstract shapes using a lightbox and black cardboard which I then photographed and retouched in post-production.

– –

Client: *Withheld due to NDA
Agency: Splendid Industrial