Red Bull Music Academy

Critical analysis of miniaturisation in electronic music-making for Red Bull’s in-house music school

As far as I’m concerned synthesizers are just cool, whatever size they might be. As such, it was my enormous pleasure to dig deep into the micro-music tech world for the Red Bull Music Academy, a global educational institution set up by the soft drink manufacturer.

In the piece, I explore the history of synthesis and the enthusiasm for miniaturisation in technology before talking to the engineers and brands behind some of the leading kit on the market.

I was able to conduct first-hand interviews with leading names in electronic music, including the Golden Globe winning composer Suzanne Ciani, the über-influential musician Pete Kemper (Spacemen 3), chart-topping producer duo Octave One, and one of my favourite musicians, Morgan Whirledge (Chrome Canyon) to discuss where these funny little boxes might be taking electronic music.

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