Lufthansa Upcycling


Product concept ideation & visualisation

As Lufthansa move into a new era with the revamp of their brand identity, they wanted to ensure that the physical legacy of the earlier identity would not go to waste.

The solution was the idea to start a ‚upcycling‘ range as part of the redevelopment of their global merchandising programme. I devised a range of product concepts that utilised reclaimed branded materials (inc.signage, fabrics, uniforms, advertising, and other printed collateral ) across as many different product brackets as possible.

In the early stages, it was difficult to know exactly what materials would be available so the visualisations needed to be exciting enough to get buy-in from the relevant parties but also indicative enough that they could be used as guidelines for potential collaborators to take the scheme to the next stage in development.

The result was a series of mood boards that illustrated the concepts for presentation to key internal stakeholders and potential collaboration brands.