VR/AR game app for premium healthcare laboratory equipment manufacturer*

To draw attention to the benefits of a remote systems monitoring service the client wanted a tactic that would fully engage their potential customers.

The result was a gamified presentation that utilised VR & AR technology to elicit its information transfer. Using Google Cardboard goggles, an iPhone and a hand controller, the user takes on the role of a supervillain who uses a futuristic weaponised helmet, controlled by a heads-up visor display, to destroy diagnostics labs.

The user is able to select an apparatus in their lab by simply looking at it. By using shape recognition, the game loads a scenario bespoke for the selected machine. The player is then able to use 4 different modes of attack to try and damage 4 different aspects of the equipment.

The gameplay runs using a simple cause and effect relationship. A button on the controller corresponds with one of the 4 weapons. The more presses of a button, the more hits against the target are registered and the more the lab’s effectiveness is reduced.

Offset against this is the response of the system which is implemented at certain thresholds, thus restoring the lab’s critical effectiveness level. The sales-led hook is that every time they get close, the clients’ service springs into action, as it would in a real-life scenario, thus protecting the lab and saving the world.

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Client: *Withheld due to NDA
Agency: Iris Worldwide