Henkel Touch


Interactive catalogue app for sales reps

Henkel is a household name in household adhesives. Less well known is that they manufacture thousands of products specifically for the international aerospace industry.

To support a new sales drive the company wanted to produce a comprehensive digital sales tool that would allow sales personnel in the field to quickly find the right products for the potential customer.

Working closely with the client, all the products were categorised, allowing a clear user journey through the catalogue to be devised.

My design solution was a simple and clear collapsible navigation interface that would allow the maximum viewport real estate to be used for product details.

Search filtering was offered via 3 sets of criteria; product portfolio, customer application being accessible via the left control panel or a more general product specification related search accessible via the top bar navigation.

The animations demonstrate the general UX and search path possibilities
by depicting the different combination possibilities to navigate users
to a single given product.

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Client: Henkel Adhesives
Agency: Blösch & Partner