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    Opinion pieces for Amex 'Essentials' magazine

    American Express are leaders in the content marketing field. One key channel is 'ESSENTIALS,' their very own online cultural journal, content for which is published monthly.

    They had seen some of my written work on film and commissioned me for two pieces, appearing in two consecutive editions of the magazine. I was given absolute editorial control which allowed me to explore the topics with total freedom.

    Top 50 Posters:
    The first piece was a briefing on what I feel are the 50 most remarkable film posters. The end result was a research heavy chronology of some of the most exciting graphic design related to film featuring visuals of the posters plus a short overview on why they made the final cut.

    Alternative Movie Posters:
    The second feature was a long form essay looking at the controversial practice of so-called 'alternative movie posters,' fan-created pieces of work that in most cases are completely unofficial. I won't go into detail here as you may enjoy reading the full piece.