Each year prestige concept catering company Rex Bavariae produce 4 catering themes that are available for clients to purchase for their corporate or personal events.

    To give a visual taste of what can be expected I created 4 idents that expressed these individual concepts visually but maintained a high-end feel determined by the Rex umbrella brand.

    Street Food
    A rough and ready version of the corporate typeface was used to bring across the uncomplicated but flavoursome visual attitude of street food vendors around the world.

    Munich Disco
    The corporate typeface was once again adapted and tweaked to symbolise something of the glamour of Munich’s elegant nightlife scene.

    Tuscan food is always popular but is marred by many visual clichés. To combat this I returned to the 1930s heyday of resorts such as Forte Dei Marmi for inspiration.

    Healthy Eating
    Health food can often seem to be the antithesis of party food. To show that it doesn’t have to be a heavy-weight script font was used to present a relaxed nature with an elegant attitude.