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    Film design specific interview website & social media

    As a result of my critical writing on topics in and around visual culture, a large amount being about cinema, and my servicing of the entertainment industry in my own creative work I have amassed a lot of content that I started to realise would be unlikely to see the light of day. This I felt to be a shame as I have been privileged to receive many fantastic insights into the creative process as related to film. As such I decided to self-publish, using social media and PR initiatives to get the content out to a wider audience.

    The site is created using Wordpress. The project also included creating a nice logo, which I based on the classic 'Cinemascope' logo to give it a suitably epic look, which I then offset but running it very small on the site, a visual pun on the name.

    To help market the site via social media I create scenes related to the films discussed using miniatures and toys to reference and reflect the name of the site and hopefully create a bit of online intrigue. The images are signposted using hashtags relevant to the film properties discussed.