Self-promotional novelty giveaway

    Creating a leave piece that is memorable and intriguing enough that people keep it on their desk but also is not too impractical in a meeting room/trade event situation is often a tall order.

    For my latest piece of shameless self-promotion I wanted to work with the postcard format as it is easy to manage for the recipient but offers a decent amount of space to do something with.

    Mini-golf is a regular theme in my work and for this latest piece I created a postcard that can be turned into a desktop obstacle (par 1 is possible). The piece was supplied complete with 5 balls and a lollipop that can be imbibed and the stick then converted into a handy 'palm putter.'

    n.b If you are lucky enough to be in receipt of one, why not build it right now?

    1. Fold along central dotted lines to create gutter obstacle
    2. Cut and fold back rear rebound walls
    3. Punch hole (using hole punch, leather punch, skewer etc)
    4. Fold back rebound wall deflectors
    5. Secure rear rebound walls with tape
    6. Cut and remove (or fold back) front rebound walls for desired difficulty
    7. Fold along central dotted line to create launch ramp
    8. Elevate 'green' area with pencil or other object of similar height
    9. Screw putter head into lollipop stick. It is a tight fit, for safety reasons, so be careful!
    10. Place ball on tee area
    11. Now let's Golf!