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    Selected writing on a variety of visual culture topics. The pieces were created either for third party magazines, journals, blogs etc or self-published.

    Branding as Art, or vice versa
    The creative practice of branding is often considered a poor cousin to the hallowed activities commonly known as ‘The Arts.’ The question is, under close analysis, are they actually that different?
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    Notes on God's Eye View by The Glue Society
    A celebratory critique of the artwork created by the international art/design collective. Includes an interview James Dive of Glue
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    Trade Shows, the original social media?
    The trade-show exhibit is an opportunity for a brand to be ‘managed’ in a multi-sensory capacity. Perhaps the original ‘social media’, the mediation of time and space as a communication channel allows physical experience to become a fully inhabitable promotional tool.
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