3D physical model for book cover illustration

    Created for an imagined 20th anniversary reissue of the script for playwright Dennis Potter's last play for publishers Faber & Faber. (The scripts were filmed in a unique co-production between the BBC and Channel 4).

    The play is a science fiction piece wherein an authors head is kept alive in a cryogenic vessel by a dubious corporation. I wanted to try and reflect the plot in as concise a way as possible and not make any reference to production design of the TV programme in any way.

    I worked very organically. I had no idea where I was going other than I knew that I wanted to do something based on Cold Lazarus and that I really wanted to do some hand-made sculpting. I started with ideas for unusual looking buildings, inspired by Japanese bio-morphic architecture. This led me to the idea of a model head, the thought of putting it in a jar led to the buildings being on the lid.