For this ongoing project I decided to put a different spin on the concept of #fanart film posters.

    Usually, as with the work on websites such as Repostered or Alternative Movie Posters, you will find great artworks that reimagine the poster art of the given film. Generally they play on certain iconic moments in a given film that have come to pass since the release whereupon audiences have come to pick their favorite parts of a film. A standard release poster can only guess which elements of a film will become known by audiences – they can of course take a guess, an estimation that, when it pays off, makes a great poster.

    For my take on the trend I decided to take an approach more like that found in music remixing. I only use elements found on the original release posters but can re-employ them how I see fit. I do also allow myself the freedom to introduce some new elements and take out others.

    I am excited that my work has found a fan base over on Alternative Movie Posters.

    n.b The Shining is now available for purchase on Firebox.com whilst Sky Sharks has been picked for special edition for the release of the film later in the year. Find out more on skysharks.tv