Gamified multi-media attractor for prestige healthcare industry trade show booth (white label*)

The client wanted an engaging attractor that would demonstrate the wide range of applications usable by their keystone product, a barcode-based inventory system. The solution was to gamify the experience with an app designed for use on a large touchscreen monitor.

The result used a ‘point and click’ UX: players had 30 seconds to find 30 barcodes hidden in an illustrated map of the exhibition hall, complete with brand-centric striped tent roofs. When a barcode was found, a dialog box popped up giving a flash of information as to where a barcode can be used.

An extra detail was the insertion of 2000 individual people, all moving independently in their own animation, which gave the impression of a busy trade show.

n.b The client stand was left open so that our little people were able to be seen populating it. Extra branding points!

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Client: *Withheld due to NDA
Agency: Iris Worldwide