A very warm welcome to Splendid Industrial, the blog of me, Jeremy Owen, a design director/illustrator/writer/content producer from the UK (currently resident in Munich).

In the Projects section, there are select overviews of my work in either graphic design-led creative communication or written content, including both self-led journalism and client-commissioned editorial, social media and content marketing.

In the Journal section, you can find news about what I have been doing lately plus the odd long-form thought piece (some of them very odd) on topics in and around visual culture.

But, to keep things light, here are some fun facts..

Some people that I have worked with (not in order of cultural or economic worth, merely alphabetical):

  • American Express
  • Apple
  • Honda
  • HSBC
  • Intel
  • Lufthansa
  • McDonald’s
  • Monarch Airlines
  • Qatar Airlines
  • QinetiQ
  • Royal Air Force
  • Skateistan
  • Sky TV
  • University of Oxford
  • Universal Pictures
  • Virgin

My work has appeared in or on:

  • Boardsport Source
  • Creative Review
  • Design Observer
  • Eye
  • Film International
  • New Scientist
  • Onboard Snowboarding
  • Scene 360
  • Transform
  • Whiteboard Journal
  • Wire

Some career highlights:

  • Working for Intel, I successfully amending a typo (not my fault) on 9 metre wide banner by hand minutes before the cameras of the international press arrived
  • Being granted access to original archival material related to the Whitechapel murders whilst researching an article for MQ magazine. Turns out Alan Moore was right…
  • Devising a social media campaign to create awareness for Skateistan that subsequently found use as a teaching aid worldwide
  • Having the pleasure of discussing the designing of the Ghostbusters logo with its creator Michael Gross
  • Working with Apple on the UK iPad launch

Other intriguing facts from a career on the frontline of the pop culture battlefield:

  • I once lent a DVD to Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme
  • Neville Brody appraised me as being; ‘a designer that is able to step outside and successfully critique the practice itself’
  • I have performed at the Albert Hall, London with TVs Poirot, David Suchet
  • I have appeared in two hit BBC series
  • James Cameron didn’t give me access to the Aliens archive as he didn’t like what I was saying about graphic design in the film…